Who We Are

National Scientific Company Limited (NSC) is a subsidiary of IPD Group, a leading Saudi Arabian Group with diverse businesses internationally.

NSC has been in business since 1978 in Saudi Arabia, and specializes in providing turnkey laboratory solutions and chemicals in the GCC region.

NSC’s product range covers a wide variety of analytical instruments including spectroscopy and chromatography range, laboratory equipment, instrument & equipment maintenance service, laboratory furniture, laboratory supplies, laboratory chemicals, and a wide range of industrial chemicals and electroplating materials.

Principles Of Our Work


We subscribe to honesty and forthrightness to reinforce our approach to business and our responsibility to the global community at large.


We embrace the work we do with a thoughtful methodology and genuine commitment.


We conduct our business and underpin all our relationships internally and externally with respect and awareness of cultural sensitivities.

Forward Thinking

We espouse a forward-looking ethos and flexibility of practices to stay in line with the rapid-fire evolution of the global landscape.


We believe in the value of collaboration and partnerships with the foremost experts in their respective fields, both in our internal and external activities.

Our Partners